Services for Asset Managers

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, asset managers are under pressure to meet rigorous requirements for risk-related reporting and increased transparency from both regulators and investors. In addition, producing consistent risk-adjusted returns is more challenging than ever. Institutional investors are demanding that asset managers be more institutional-quality, especially with regards to their risk management.


GRMA satisfies these significant challenges faced by asset managers by providing them with complete, independent, institutional-quality risk management managed services.


We provide our managed services to asset managers in two key areas:

Park Avenue

RiskTech –  we provide asset managers with complete risk measurement, risk reporting and independent risk monitoring services as a complete and cost effective managed service. Our risk measurement and reporting services include:

    • Risk Management and Performance Attribution –  options include curated data only or customized reports or dashboards and are available:

•     Daily
•     Weekly
•     Monthly

•     Real-time
•     Ad-hoc
•     Quarterly


    Examples of Risk and Performance Statistics:

•     Delta/Beta Adj Exposures
•     Stress Test & Scenario Analysis
•     Performance Benchmarking
       and attribution

•     “Greeks”
•     Value-at-Risk (VaR)
•     Liquidity Risk
•     Credit and Counterparty Risk

    • Risk-Related Regulatory Reporting Services –  we provide asset managers with calculations, complete advisory and implementation services for all risk-related regulatory reporting, including:

•     UCITS
•     Form PF
•     Form CPO-PQR/CTA-PR
•     AIFMD/Annex IV

•     Asian versions of Form PF
•     Form N-PORT
•     SEC’s New Derivative Rules
•     Liquidity Risk Management Rule

Note 1: Curated data only or XML Upload files in the specified regulatory format.
Note 2: GRMA will review and check regulatory filings before submission to ensure no major “red flags”.


    • External Risk Reporting/Investor Transparency –  provide risk-related reporting required for investor transparency (e.g. RiskMetrics HedgePlatform, Open Protocol, Monthly Investor Fact Sheets, etc.)


    • Independent Risk Monitoring –  Independent risk monitoring of a fund’s risk limit guidelines or an institution’s risk policy guidelines.


    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) –  perform ongoing operations work for a client’s risk and performance reporting.


    • Risk Analytics and Infrastructure –  our RiskTech solutions eliminating the need for a fund to pay an expensive annual license for a risk system, acquire market data and hire internal risk management staff to maintain a complex risk system.

•     No need for risk software license
•     No lengthy risk system implementation
•     No need for most market data license(s)
•     No need for internal risk management staff

We provide risk management services to asset managers that enable funds to meet today’s institutional-quality litmus test and therefore better retain and attract investors and produce better risk-adjusted returns. We assist funds to develop, implement and maintain institutional-quality risk management strategy, processes, controls and governance. Our risk management services for asset managers include, but are not limited to:

Risk Interpretation and Advisory  provide risk interpretation and risk advisory essential for actionable risk management.


Hedging & Trading Strategy  provide guidance on hedging, trading and portfolio strategies.

Limit Guidelines  develop and assist an asset manager to implement risk management limit guidelines.


Risk Management Policies and Procedures – develop and assist an asset manager to implement risk management policies and procedures, including for ESG investments and Direct and Co-investments.


Risk Management Controls and Governance – develop and maintain sound controls and governance for risk management.


Institutional Quality Risk Management Program help funds to pass institutional-quality litmus test and better attract and retain investors by:


    • Investors DDQs — assisting in completing the portions of DDQs where risk management must be explained and/or described.


    • Marketing Collateral and Legal Documents — assist funds to better articulate its risk and investment management process in marketing collateral and legal documents.


    • Ad-hoc Data/Analysis Request from Investors — provide ad-hoc risk data, risk and performance analysis for either a fund’s prospective or existing investors.


    • Best Practice Standards & Regulatory Requirement — assist funds to be in line with leading peers and fully meet best practice standards and regulatory requirements for risk management.


Risk Management Review and Validation Services

    • Annual Review of a Fund’s Risk Management — review and test a fund’s investment risk management policies and procedures, processes, controls and governance to ensure they are sound, appropriate and effective.


    • Risk Management Validation — provide independent validation that a fund’s investment risk management program is fully in line with leading peers, best practice standards and regulatory requirements.


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