Services for Asset Managers

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, asset managers are under pressure to meet rigorous requirements for risk-related reporting and increased transparency from both regulators and investors. In addition, producing consistent risk-adjusted returns is more challenging than ever. Institutional investors are demanding that asset managers be more institutional-quality, especially with regards to their risk management.


GRMA satisfies these significant challenges faced by asset managers by providing them with complete, independent, institutional-quality investment risk management managed services.


We provide our managed services to asset managers in two key areas:

Park Avenue

RiskTech – through this part of our firm, we provide asset managers with complete risk measurement, risk reporting and independent risk monitoring services as a complete and cost effective managed service. Our risk measurement and reporting services include:


    • Risk Analytics and Infrastructure –  assist asset managers to either select, implement and maintain risk analytics software/systems or utilize GRMA’s cost effective B2B solution—eliminating the need for a fund to pay an expensive annual license for a risk system, acquire market data and hire internal risk management staff to maintain a complex risk system.


    • Risk Measurement/Reporting – develop and produce customized risk management and performance attribution reports for asset managers on a daily, weekly, monthly or real-time basis.


    • Risk Interpretation and Monitoring –  provide funds with risk interpretation and independent risk monitoring of a fund’s Risk Limit Guidelines.


    • External Risk Reporting/Risk Transparency –  provide funds with external risk-related reporting required for institutional-quality investor transparency (e.g. RiskMetrics HedgePlatform, Open Protocol, Monthly Investor Fact Sheets, etc.)


    • Risk-Related Regulatory Reporting Services –  we provide asset managers with complete advisory and implementation services for all risk-related regulatory reporting, including:


√     UCITS
√     Form PF
√     Form CPO-PQR/CTA-PR
√     AIFMD/Annex IV

√     Asian versions of Form PF
√     Form N-PORT
√     SEC’s New Derivative Rules


GRMA will evaluate, review and check regulatory filings before submission to ensure no major “red flags”.

We provide risk management services to asset managers that enable funds to meet today’s institutional-quality litmus test and therefore better retain and attract investors and produce better risk-adjusted returns. We assist funds to develop, implement and maintain institutional-quality risk management strategy, processes, controls and governance. Our risk management services for asset managers include, but are not limited to:


Institutional Quality  help funds to pass institutional-quality litmus test and better attract and retain investors by:


    • Investors DDQs — assisting in completing the portions of DDQs where risk management must be explained and/or described.


    • Marketing Collateral and Legal Documents — assist funds to better articulate its risk and investment management process in marketing collateral and legal documents.


    • Ad-hoc Data/Analysis Request from Investors — provide ad-hoc risk data, risk and performance analysis for either a fund’s prospective or existing investors.


    • Best Practice Standards & Regulatory Requirement — assist funds to be in line with leading peers and fully meet best practice standards and regulatory requirements for risk management.


Limit Guidelines  develop and assist an asset manager to implement risk management limit guidelines.


Risk Management Policies and Procedures – develop and assist an asset manager to implement risk management policies and procedures, including for ESG investments and Direct and Co-investments.


Risk Interpretation and Advisory  provide risk interpretation and risk advisory essential for actionable risk management.


Risk Management Controls and Governance – develop and maintain sound controls and governance for risk management.


Hedging & Trading Strategy  provide guidance on hedging, trading and portfolio strategies.


Risk Management Review and Validation Services


    • Annual Review of a Fund’s Risk Management — review and test a fund’s investment risk management policies and procedures, processes, controls and governance to ensure they are sound, appropriate and effective.


    • Risk Management Validation — provide independent validation that a fund’s investment risk management program is fully in line with leading peers, best practice standards and regulatory requirements.


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